The Akuo Foundation operates under the auspices of the Fondation de Luxembourg.

The Fondation de Luxembourg

The Fondation de Luxembourg was established in December 2008 at the initiative of the Luxembourg State and the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte. Its mission is to promote private philanthropic commitment.

Through information, advice and appropriate tools and structures, it provides support and guidance to organizations that wish to make a long-term commitment to projects in the public interest.

With an endowment to cover its needs, the Fondation de Luxembourg enjoys total independence in hosting so-called sheltered foundations and their projects.

The sheltered foundation concept

To simplify implementation of our philanthropic commitment, we opted for the sheltered foundation status offered by the Fondation de Luxembourg. 

As an independent entity hosted by the Fondation de Luxembourg, the Akuo Foundation reaps all the benefits of a public utility foundation without the administrative constraints inherent in setting up and maintaining such a structure. This gives our Foundation full freedom to engage in philanthropic work without actually being a separate legal entity. The format we have opted for is known as a “turnover” sheltered foundation, because it involves a three-year fixed-term commitment and a fixed annual donation.

In this way, Akuo Energy can provide ongoing support to projects defined in advance, while the Fondation de Luxembourg offers its expertise and ensures compliance with our Foundation’s public interest purpose.