Under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg, the Akuo Foundation was formed in June 2011 by the Akuo Energy Group.

Sustainable development is a defining concern at Akuo Energy, a company founded by four committed entrepreneurs who felt they must and could take action to safeguard our planet. Since 2007, Akuo Energy has been devising and implementing forward-looking solutions. All its efforts focus on developing power generating units from renewable energy sources, whether wind, solar, hydroelectric and marine power or biogas and biomass.

With operations spanning mainland France, Corsica, French overseas territories, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Indonesia, the United States and Uruguay, the company has continually enhanced its capabilities in order to address differing local energy needs. Programs are typically tailored to environmental protection and local development requirements in the areas those programs serve. This commitment to ecology and broader social concerns has led Akuo Energy to act in concert with communities to achieve the best local fit. Projects are designed to combine reasonably priced power generation, environmental protection and, wherever possible, sustainable agriculture. A major outgrowth of this approach is Agrinergie, a pioneering program for linking solar power generation to eco-friendly farming in ways that consistently foster local development.

All this made joining forces with the Fondation de Luxembourg in 2011 a logical step, one that in fact proved to be a turning point for Akuo Energy. In order to take its commitment to a higher level and achieve greater impact, the company moved to set up a foundation of its own.

Ever since then, the Akuo Energy story has been enriched by the many projects in which the Foundation is involved, constantly innovating to ensure the lasting well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants.