• Location: France
  • Partner organizations: LPO Rhône-Alpes
  • Description: Organising a symposium bringing together the farming and scientific communities on protecting biodiversity
  • Akuo Foundations's role: Financing the event
  • Start date: 2015

Creating bridges between farmers, associations and scientists…

Young people with a purpose

With a century of committed service, more than 46,000 members and a network of local associations active in 79 French departments, LPO is now the leading nature conservation association in France. As part of its regional action schedule to promote biodiversity, LPO is working to develop skills in all the complementary issues related to this subject from a position as close as possible to the people involved. This is the spirit behind the decision LPO’s Rhône-Alpes delegation took to hold the “Farming and Biodiversity: critical links” symposium on 26 and 27 October 2015 aimed at setting up creative dialogue between the agricultural and naturalist communities.

… Protecting wild biodiversity

Let there be light!

Interaction between human farming activities and natural wild areas poses a certain number of issues regarding the protection of fauna and flora. Showcasing agro-ecology in its technical and citizenship dimensions, the symposium drew over 170 participants. Through testimonies from researchers and farmers, the symposium provided an opportunity to address some complex subjects: declining biodiversity on farmland, the importance of biodiversity for agriculture, cohabitation with wildlife, etc. All these perspectives form a basis for building shared solutions facilitating everyone’s commitment towards a farming model that respects both man and nature.