• Location: La Réunion
  • Partner organizations: Austral Energy, Maison de l'Abeille, Apiterra, Association pour le Développement du Travail et la Réinsertion du centre de détention du Port
  • Description: Providing beekeeping courses to support the reintegration of inmates at the Port prison
  • Akuo Foundations's role: Financing beekeeping equipment
  • Start date: 2013

Inmate training

Young people with a purpose

Akuo Energy has started building the innovative Bardzour facility, which combines a 9 MWc solar plant with an energy storage system at the Port prison in La Réunion. The project is a world first, and forms part of a broader project to reintegrate inmates into the world of work by providing them with beekeeping training. The training course was developed in partnership with Sébastien Ethève, a local beekeeper who runs the Maison de l’Abeille in Petite Ile, along with Apiterra, a French company specialising in training courses and bee breeding, and the Port prison.

Sustainable careers

Let there be light!

The Akuo Foundation supplied all equipment needed to teach beekeeping and breed bees. The 10-month training course started in October 2013. Around ten inmates took part, learning all about breeding and hive management methods.

Learning this new trade will help these people to overcome their social difficulties and criminal convictions and establish a new career. They will also be strengthening a local industry and making a practical contribution to the common good by protecting the environment and supporting biodiversity. The beekeepers will enjoy a ready market for their honey, since demand for honey in La Réunion is not covered by local production, and for their queen bees, which will be exported to rebuild bee stocks in mainland France.