• Location: High Atlas, Morocco
  • Partner organizations: GoodPlanet Foundation
  • Description: Build a raw earth bioclimatic school in Morocco
  • Akuo Foundations's role: Financing the project and supporting implementation
  • Start date: May 2013

Leveraging Local Know-How to “Eco-Build” a School

Young people with a purpose

It all started with a meeting between two organizations committed to sustainable school design around the world. The GoodPlanet Foundation has developed a bioclimatic school program in emerging and developing economies. The Akuo Foundation was instrumental in providing eco-designed photovoltaic solutions to the world’s first Green School in Bali. French actress Aure Atika will be sponsoring the project.

The purpose of this first joint project is to rebuild a school with 120 pupils in Morocco’s Ouarzazate region by making extensive use of earth—a material with outstanding thermal qualities that is abundantly available to the local population. Combining traditional raw earth construction with up-to-date energy efficiency techniques, the school’s future buildings will be passive from an energy standpoint, since they are designed to keep the heat out in the summer and moderate the temperature in the winter.

Offering Children a Quality Education Environment

©Fondation GoodPlanet
Let there be light!

The thermal comfort afforded by raw earth construction is a necessity in a region with extreme variation between summer and winter temperatures. The project will include a running water supply system, trees planted around the school, and facilities for extracurricular activities. Moreover, the association MCA Maroc will be planting organic educational gardens and developing them with the pupils to raise their awareness of sustainable farming issues.