• Location: Florida, Uruguay
  • Partner organizations: Uruguay’s Ministry of national education
  • Description: Florida’s school renovated from top to bottom
  • Akuo Foundations's role: Fundraising and project development
  • Start date: October 2013

An Akuo crew on the move…

Young people with a purpose

Located near an Akuo Energy wind farm, Florida’s school was in a very advanced state of disrepair and couldn’t provide its 23 pupils and 2 teachers with the right learning conditions. The electrical wiring was not compliant and dangerous, the walls were damp and porous, the roof let the rain through and the floor was cracked. Because improving children’s living conditions is essential to support their school education and their safety, Akuo Uruguay personnel did everything they could to raise the necessary funds to repair the school and managed the entire renovation project from start to finish.

…to bring Florida’s pupils a brand new school

Let there be light!

So that the children could learn in a school capable of providing the well-being they need, Akuo Uruguay personnel renovated the school from top to bottom including rebuilding the roof, repairing and repainting the walls, replacing all windows and doors, bringing the electrical wiring into compliance, laying a new floor, renovating the refectory and insulating the entire building.

It took more than 2 months to restore the school to its brand new condition! The inside temperature is now pleasant and the buildings no longer suffer from damp. The children now enjoy improved health and comfort, which in turn means better school attendance.