• Location: La Réunion
  • Partner organizations: ONF, Parc National
  • Description: Devising an action plan to raise awareness of fire risks and developing a "Happy Families"-type educational game for children in La Réunion
  • Akuo Foundations's role: Commissioning a study into ways of raising awareness of fire risks and developing the project
  • Start date: 2013

Protecting the exceptional natural heritage of Maïdo mountain

Young people with a purpose

In 2011, almost 2,800 hectares of La Réunion's national park was devastated by forest fires affecting high ground in the west of the island. Within this exceptional region, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, fires claimed 22% of La Réunion's largest forest.

In response, the Akuo Foundation and Akuo Energy's La Réunion subsidiary Austral Energy made a commitment to supporting the "information, communication and awareness" initiative as part of the local Prefecture's fire prevention plan. The Akuo Foundation appointed a full-time forest engineer to carry out an in-depth analysis of the socio-economic issues involved in preventing fires on La Réunion. After a 6-month sociological study, specific priority actions were proposed.

Raising awareness of fire risks

Let there be light!

Akuo Foundation jointly financed one of these proposals, a "Happy Families"-type card game for primary-school children, in partnership with the ONF, the Parc National, SGAR and the Department for Civil Protection.

The game involves 42 key learnings and aims to raise young people's awareness of fire-related risks in an entertaining way. 15,000 sets were produced and distributed across an entire generation of La Réunion children, with the support of the education authority, the Parc National and the Department for Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion.