• Location: La Réunion
  • Partner organizations: Fondation Nicolas Hulot
  • Description: Support mechanism for Reunion Island associations in the form of subsidies for nature volunteering initiatives
  • Akuo Foundations's role: Funding of the mechanism for Reunion Island
  • Start date: 2015

Encourage nature volunteering in Reunion Island…

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Young people with a purpose

Thanks to its "Jagispourlanature.org" platform, which identifies nature volunteering opportunities with more than 250 organisations, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation enables citizens to donate time and energy to the green cause of their choosing. To encourage the associations which develop these initiatives, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation launched nature volunteering subsidies in 2014 and, in 2015, joined forces with the Akuo Foundation to create a specific mechanism for Reunion Island, which is home to amazing and extremely fragile biodiversity.

...and raise awareness of the need to protect ecosystems

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Let there be light!

This mechanism is based on a panel which meets several times a year to allocate financial grants of between €500 and €1,000 to projects which have demonstrated that they have an effective communication plan to mobilise new volunteers, particularly from groups which previously had little awareness of green issues. Furthermore, the Nicolas Hulot and Akuo Foundations work to publicise these nature volunteering initiatives in order to help these various organisations to encourage more and more Reunion Island residents to rally around this issue which matters to everyone. Restoring damaged environments, observing and protecting animal and plant species and picking up rubbish are just some of the initiatives whereby volunteers can become true environmental protection ambassadors.