Nosy Faly

  • Location: Nosy Faly, Madagascar
  • Partner organizations: D.E.H.F.I
  • Description: Sustainable development project on the island of Nosy Faly
  • Akuo Foundation's role: Financing and providing assistance to project development
  • Start date: 2013

Protect the island of Nosy Faly ...

A school like no other in the world

Nosy Faly is a small island, 9 kilometers long, located in northwest Madagascar, near Nosy Bé. Its environment has been preserved, but the ecosystem of the   northern part of the island is in jeopardy due to a growing real estate sector and overfishing, which put downward pressure on inhabitants’ revenues.

The Akuo Foundation and the DEHFI Association have engaged in a sustainable development project in order to preserve the island and improve the social and economic conditions of the village’s inhabitants. 

... by giving its inhabitants the means to preserve their territory

Powered exclusively by solar and hydro energy

By offering Nosy Faly’s inhabitants solutions for the future, DEHFI and the Akuo Foundation wish to demonstrate that  it is possible to foster local economic development by respecting ecosystems and human beings.
The project’s 2013-2015 objectives will be to focus on three main components:

- Classifying northern Nosy Faly as a protected natural area in order to preserve its environment and biodiversity;
- Establishing an experimental agricultural farm and an agricultural training program with the aim of creating jobs and generating revenues, thereby improving the inhabitants’ revenue base;

- Building a bioclomatic school and teaching children about other vocations that can be an alternative tofishing, while increasing their awareness on the importance of preserving fauna and flora.

Along with these three objectives, the project aims at developing eco-tourism in the coming ten years, setting up a beekeeping training program, notably by means of a reforestation program, creating a health clinic, and launching a waste processing system.