• Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Partner organizations: Peduli Alam
  • Description: Creation of a network to recover and reuse waste plastic and protect the environment
  • Akuo Foundations's role: Financing and project development support
  • Start date: 2009

In Indonesian, Peduli Alam means "taking care of nature"

Young people with a purpose

The stunning island of Bali, home to exceptional biodiversity, has seen its environment come under increasing threat with every passing day from a tenacious invader–plastic! No waste collection system exists outside the towns and tourist areas. Plastic waste discarded without a second thought by the local population is piling up from inland through to coastal areas. Founded in 2009, the Peduli Alam association aims to provide sustainable, yet inexpensive solutions to the rural population by setting up a full-fledged waste collection and recovery network for non-organic waste.

The first refuse container was rolled out in April 2009, followed by numerous expansion projects. In 2011, the association was able to buy a waste collection truck and build premises to house its activities. In the meantime, Peduli Alam has gained credibility with the local population and authorities and expanded its team, which now has six members. Today, more than 1,000 families are served by a network of 130 public dumpsters, and five tons of waste are collected every month.

A community-led project

Let there be light!

The commitment and generosity shown by Charlotte Fredouille, the association’s founder, sets the project apart. She moved in to the center of the first village served by a collection system, keeping her closely in touch with villagers and their concerns. Since the local population did not fully realize the health issues associated with the waste, the association has raised awareness in the villages and schools concerning the hazards of soil and air contamination related to the compounds in plastic and the risks associated with uncontrolled waste incineration. Working in harmony with the villagers and local organizations, Charlotte has used all her enthusiasm and persuasiveness to create real local impetus to protect the environment.

To keep the project going, the association is now developing a commercial business selling bags made using non-recyclable plastics. In response to requests from the villages, Peduli Alam has also undertaken to combat deforestation by handing out 40,000 trees to the communities it serves.